Less Social Media, More Happiness

Part of the problem with social networking platforms is that we don’t just use them for communicating – they also promote a particular way of being connected to and supportive of those around us. These interactions are channeled through the platform to create data.

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Microsoft’s New Surface Headphones

The company is particularly proud of its headphones‘ noise canceling capabilities. The Surface Headphones have four active noise canceling mics, and the feature even has its own mechanical dial allowing you to pick from 13 levels of intensity.

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UX Designers, Stop the Jargon Abuse

One of the problems of using UX jargon in a conversation is assuming everyone in the room will understand what “graceful degradation” means in that context, or that they have read the same Don Norman book you have.

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An AI can now write indie music

We have analyzed decades of contemporary songs and classical music, songs of economic and/or social impact, and have created a proprietary songwriting technology that is specialized to create top line melodies of songs.

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The 3 Best Indie-rock Bands of All Time

With their aggressively angular sound, grad-student looks, and frequent lyrical references to conspiracy theories and surrealist art films from the silent movie era, the Pixies were never going to be rock stars in their own time.

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Indie Rock Music Genre Overview

Regardless of the specifics, it's rock made by and for outsiders -- much like alternative once was, except that thanks to its crossover, indie rock has a far greater wariness of excess testosterone. It's certainly not that indie rock is never visceral or powerful.

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Digital Photography Tips & Essentials

Simple point-and-shoot digital cameras can give surprising quality when they have the right lenses and sensors. Because they are totally automatic in focus and exposure, they just have to be pointed at a subject and clicked. They have limited capabilities for controlling the image, although even very inexpensive cameras often have white balance controls.

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Niche Blogs for Rising Metal Bands

The staff knows what's cool before it's cool. Their endorsement can make a band blow up. Their name refers to the clutching gesture you make when the mighty force of metal flows through you. When they're not too busy throwing the metal horns or making said clutching gesture, the team has their fingers on the pulse of the underground.

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1950s up to now Pop Music Defined

This would include a vast range of music from vaudeville and minstrel shows to heavy metal. Pop music, as a phrase with the shortened first word, has primarily come into usage to describe the music that evolved out of the rock and roll revolution of the mid-1950s and continues on a definable path today.

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The Most Underrated ’90s Bands

Kowalczyk departed for a solo career in 2009 and was replaced by vocalist Chris Shinn in 2011. It’s sort of the Journey situation in a hard rock context— between the two camps, there’s no shortage of opportunity to “Sell the Drama” on tour.

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